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Tagesspiegel, April 7, 2001

The Man's in the Moon Astronomical

„Sun, Stars, Moon & Co.": The instructional Musical

Small earthlings (up from 6 years of age) are excited by the “cosmic musical”. And the bigger ones, which stay at home, they risk that the little sister returns home with a good knowledge head start after the visit of “Sun, Stars Moon & Co.” Since 4 years already the virtual “Fun-Shuttle 007” lifts off and whizzes through the discoverable solar system – which is quite fascinating even without wormholes and clingon attacks. The entertainment is provided by Jürgen F. Schmid as „The Man in the Moon" and by the „Rocking Meteoroids”. And as far as the family-friendly show is a co-production by the Wilhelm-Foerster-Observatory and the Leo-Borchard-Music-School, the eager for knowledge audience does not only learn many usefull things about a number of planets but about various music instruments too.

"The Man in the Moon"

"Rocking Meteoroids"
Fotos: Lutz Scharein