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Berliner Abendblatt,  December 6. 2000

Swing for Pluto, Hard-Rock for Jupiter

Cosmical spectacle for earthlings from 6 years onwards

Schöneberg. When the planetarium at the Munsterdamm begins to quake, than, for sure, the Leo-Borchard-Music-School Steglitz-Zehlendorf is guesting under the starry sky at the Insulaner.

A visit in the Planetarium inspired the idea of Joachim Gleich (47): “Why do not bring out the Milky Way with his planets and transfer some knowledge at the same time?”, thought the director of the Leo-Borchard-Music-School. Said and done, he quickly gathered a talented team of musicians and „Sun, Stars, Moon & Co.” was born.

That was four years ago, in the meantime the musical for children is a long-lasting phenomenon.

As story-teller and “Man in the Moon” Jürgen F. Schmid leads through the story and the six man band called “Rocking Meteoroids” supplies the suitable live-music. Visual effects, laser show and dry ice – the children are all excited by the “Childrens Cosmical” as the stage director Klaus Sommerfeld designates the piece gladly. "In a virtual fun shuttle the earthlings are taken to a one-hour journey to the moon", says Sommerfeld.

Thereby the "Man in the Moon" has extremely interesting companions: the planets of the Milky Way. “Every planet is covered by a proper song: a Swing is dedicated to Pluto, Jupiter as the largest of the planets is presented musically with Hard-Rock tunes and the Sun gets a Rap-song”, Schmid explains. "All of them have a suitable Song: a Swing for Pluto, Jupiter as the largest of the planets is represented by some Hard-Rock tunes and the Sun gets a Rap-song", reports leading actor Juergen F. Schmid..

The weightless impartment of astronomical knowledge inspires and is huge a success: no performance ends without several encores. 

Jürgen F. Schmid as the Man in the Moon - nebula behind
Foto: Sommerfeld