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Berliner Wochenblatt,  February 27, 2001

Musical journey through the Milky Way

The “Children’s Cosmical” is back again in the Planetrium

Schöneberg. The musical for children „Sun, Stars, Moon & Co.” is scheduled in the Planetarium on March 17. Once more the “Man in the Moon” and the “Rocking Meteoroids” expect a great number of earthlings.

One does not have to be smaller than 5 feet tall for being attired by the so called Cosmical. Adult persons as well appreciate the entertaining manner with laser show, visual effects and live music by which „Sun, Stars, Moon & Co.” tells the stories about the stars and the planets of our solar system. Through the show leads the actor, singer and story-teller Jürgen F. Schmid as the “Man in the Moon”. “Every planet is covered by a proper song: a Swing is dedicated to Pluto, Jupiter as the largest of the planets is presented musically with Hard-Rock tunes and the Sun gets a Rap-song”, Schmid explains.

The idea to do the cosmic musical for children was developed four years ago by Joachim Gleich, the director of the Leo-Borchard-Music-School, in cooperation with the stage director Klaus Sommerfeld and the Wilhelm-Foerster-Observatory. The weightless impartment became a success: No performance ends without several encores. The curiosity of the children is playfully incited. And the children receive a first conception of the variety of our Milky Way. “We update our set regularly with new pieces of knowledge”, says the stage director Klaus Sommerfeld. “Black holes for example we explain to the young spectators as gigantic, cosmic vacuum cleaners”      dut

The founders of the musical success already performed since 1997: the director of the Music School Joachim Gleich (left) and the stage director Klaus Sommerfeld. Foto: Dutta